Every now and then a creditor comes to us with a debt and a sorry story and ends by confessing that they have not got the address of their debtor.

We don’t consider it necessarily a lost cause. We enjoy the services of a first class tracing agent. The agency operates lawfully. They work, like us, on a no win no fee basis and time and again work wonders. The report often comes up with extra details (telephone numbers, place of work etc) and the chase for recovery can start. If they can’t trace the debtor they invite us to try again in 30 days time. Data bases get up-dated.

Recently I thought I had cause for complaint. I was trying to locate Debtor X. The agency reported successfully with a new address. A letter to the address they provided came back with “gone away” on the envelope. I challenged the agency. They replied a) that in this particular instance a third party had confirmed the address and curiously, b) that there had been two credit card applications made by Debtor X from that address in the last month!

Interesting what resources the agency has. Eventually we got our man.