Residential Rent Arrears

Count yourself lucky if you have vacant possession. Write them off and get on with life We generally advise landlords trying to recover RESIDENTIAL rent arrears that unless they have a lot of time to spare they are on a hiding to nothing. The delinquent tenant, if they even know where he/she is, has cheated them and by the time they catch up with him will have left cheating the next landlord too. We work on a “no win no fee” basis, but recently we have relented and for a down payment are now prepared to help recovery. Just two things: 1) Our main hope is that the…


Small companies go broke easily

I am finding that small traders are not being careful enough about who their customers are. If the debtor pays there is no problem. If he does not, few realise that directors are just NOT responsible for the debts of their company. That means that the only asset left available to  an unsatisfied creditor if he sues is the company seal! Let me spell it out. Mr Brown suggests what work he wants. The price is agreed. He then asks that the invoice be made out to his company. If he does that after the work, Mr Brown himself  is liable. If he asks before the work is…


Rent arrears – Landlords in difficulties

Landlords – not every instruction we get ends successfully.   Approximately one in five enquiries these days come from landlords. The picture is almost always the same. The luckless landlord has given the tenant every consideration, waited for the promised rent, allowed substantial arrears to build up and then come direct to us or first got judgment and then come to us. Its all the same.   We have been in business for 50 years now and only in the last years has this problem assumed such proportions. We earn our fees by collecting from debtors. Sadly we tell landlords that they are wasting their time.  We are…

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