By continuing to work with us you agree to the following:

TERMS & CONDITIONS; (the small print)
  1. You agree to tell us at the time you instruct us if the amount claimed is accepted as due by the debtor. Disputes may attract a higher percentage charge. We report to you only when there is a development.
  2. Some debtors can be difficult/aggressive. We collect debts using the trade name Watson Hope not as Wise & Co. You agree to respect this anonymity and not to mention me or Wise & Co by name OR THE FACT THAT I AM A BARRISTER AND A CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT to debtors. You are, of course, encouraged to speak of us to other creditors
  3. We are entitled to charge and you agree to pay 15% on monies (or monies-worth) received from or on behalf of your debtor(s) at any time after we have been instructed. The service is completely free of charge until you get paid something. Then we charge 15%.(Minimum £20 out of sums you receive). There is a scale for debts in excess of £10,000. You undertake to tell us promptly if you receive any part of the debt direct. That saves us unnecessary chasing
  4. Where the debtor needs chasing abroad we reserve the right to charge and you agree to pay 25% on sums collected.
  5. We reserve the right to charge and you agree to pay a £20 “wild goose chase” fee where we are instructed to collect monies which you had been paid (or were not even due) to you before we were instructed..
  6. Court action is taken only with your specific agreement and after a full explanation to you of what is involved. We generally set it up for you on line free. If you ask me to sue, then a) you agree to pay the Court Issue fee; or b) failing to sue, you will recompense me for the time setting it up, i.e. £35. We do not charge 15% on court fees recovered. Lately collecting has become more difficult and I am having to sue more and more. That is fine, but sometimes the claim needs a lawyer in court. If you want me to appear for you, I generally charge £350 to appear and I would then continue only as your lawyer (you have these days the right of direct access). If you use your own lawyer my fee abates to 2.5% of sums collected. I can recommend a good and economic litigation lawyer.
  7. On business debts we can also try to recover your entitlement to Statutory interest and compensation if significant. If we succeed, we go halves on this bonus recovery.
  8. You will pay our account within ten days of presentation. We reserve the right to charge interest under the Late Payment of Commercial Debt (Interest) Act 1998 on late payment.
  9. If satisfied you will recommend us – widely.

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