I have been using Wise & Co for 8 years. In the three years prior to this, when I first began in private medical practice, I used other debt collectors. Results were poor. The medical director at the private hospital where I work recommended Wise & Co to me. Since then I have always had a superb and conscientious service with very good results. There is no doubt that you can't win them all – people declare bankruptcy, leave the country swiftly or there is a long line of debtors before you which leaves little hope of getting paid. It can never be said that Wise & Co have not done their utmost even in these virtually hopeless circumstances. But when monies are retrievable they are retrieved. It was a very unpleasant shock after years in the NHS to discover how dishonest a small but significant minority of people are. It may be a small number but given the vocational effort one puts into all the people one sees (NHS and private) it is about respecting oneself to at least be paid for that concern, time and energy.

I can remember feeling quite hopeless about some considerable sums owed. I now hand things over very promptly to Wise & Co. This avoids an enormous waste of time and aggravation and gets results. I've never looked back since!

Consultant Specialist in Private Medical Practice
When it was necessary to use Mr. Wise's Services in the past between 2003-2010 I was impressed by his ability to collect monies that I found impossible to get myself.
Pat Flury
Thank you very much for your most professional service over the last 10 years. I have tried a variety of people over the years to collect unpaid fees but none have demonstrated your consistent success rate or professionalism.
Dr H Shiers
Wise & Co have successfully pursued many bad debts for us over the last six years. We find their service very effective and would not hesitate to recommend them to others.
Get Planning Ltd
Leslie helped us recover 2 debts, both of which were more than six months old - and ones where we had all but given up hope of collecting the money. Within 2 weeks we had been paid by both customers. Leslie is prompt, responsive and professional and I would recommend him without hesitation.
Charlotte Graham-Cumming
Managing Director, Marketing & Events - www.icebluesky.com
Our company has used your debt collection agency exclusively for the last 15 years,and have been very pleased with the results. You have an 89% success rate for debts under £1000 and a 93% rate for larger debts,and it is rare that we need to go to court for full or acceptable results. We look forward to continuing our relationship with yourselves.
Jeremy Zimmerman
Managing Director, Rottweiler Ltd