What We Do & The Cost


Our sole business is collecting your outstanding debts. (Regardless of how small the debt might seem.)

We are persisitent, professional and above all successful. Our approach is direct and purposeful.

First we listen to you. Next we gather all relevant information. Then we use our experience to ensure the best strategy for your specific case. Generally this involves a firm first letter direct to the debtor in question. This is then followed up with a personal telephone call often assessing the situation with the debtor and working out a solution.

However if your debtor is a company then the senior executive is our target.

Most of our cases are resolved after a few phone calls. Suing is a pity and usually unnecessary. We advise recourse to the Courts only as a last resort and only after full discussion with you.


Our success fee is 15% of monies recovered for you after we are instructed.

Our clients find they have nothing to lose because they have usually exhausted their own efforts and are close to writing off the money owed.

There is a minimum charge of £20 (BUT, only out of money recovered by us).

We also invite the debtor to pay our fees. Some do. And where appropriate we ensure they also pay YOU your entitlement to Statutory interest.