Private & Commercial Debt Collection

Unpaid debts mean trouble. They waste time. They create cash-flow problems. They are frustrating. They need prompt attention.

What you pay: No win - no fee debt collection

Who am I instructing?

You are instructing a small company, which has been in the business of collecting debts, firmly and professionally for over forty five years. At the top is a Chartered Accountant and a Barrister. You gain the benefit of the best professional qualifications to help you with debt collection. Our service will be tailored to your needs.

The Objective?

We act within hours of receiving your instructions. Each debt is different, but our aim is the same – to get you paid . We put you, the unpaid creditor, right at the front of the queue.

How do we do it?

Generally we write a letter first. You will already have asked nicely. We tell them firmly. They see our headed paper. They are on notice.

What if the letter does not do the trick?

We telephone. Once confronted most people pay up.

In the vast majority of cases this is the happy end of the story. Success.

And if there is still no payment?

Our telephone call will have identified the problem and allowed some assessment of the risk. We report back to you with the options:


We ALWAYS discuss the costs and prospects with you. The Court Issue fee is about 10% of the debt. It is added to the debt.


They are one of the options for enforcement after judgment.

Commercial Debt Collection

We specialise in commercial debt recovery. We’ll work with you to get you paid. We take a robust approach and have an extremely high rate of success.


Business to business debts attract interest (8.5% at the moment) and also compensation. We can recover that with the debt.

Commercial Rent Arrears?

A speciality. A properly advised landlord of a commercial property need never have to wait for their rent.